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Welcome to ELS Tutoring and Educational Services, located in Denmead, Hampshire.

From specialist alternative provision, expert tutoring, engaging holiday clubs, or just some friendly, professional advice, we’re here to help.

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Welcome to ELS Tutoring and Educational Services, Denmead, Hampshire

Discover how we can help your child whether that’s in our alternative provision, after school tutoring or in our holiday clubs. 

Whether you’re seeking specialist alternative provision, expert after-school tutoring, engaging holiday clubs or  need some  friendly and professional advice, we are here to guide and support you and your child every step of the way. We offer a calm, nurturing environment that allows children to feel safe, secure and happy. 

98%   Child Educational Success

Creativity builds confidence

Why Choose Us for Expert Educational Support?

Discovering your child’s passion and fostering creativity are key elements in nurturing their growth and confidence. At our tutoring center, we provide a supportive environment that encourages exploration, helping students find their true interests. Through engaging activities and personalised guidance, we inspire creativity and ignite a love for learning. Witness the remarkable transformation as their confidence flourishes, empowering them to embrace challenges and excel academically. Trust us to guide your child towards a path of self-discovery and academic success.

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An OFSTED Registered Provider

Experienced Professionals

The staff at ELS Tutoring are all fully qualified teachers who excel in their field. They are passionate about teaching, learning and the needs of the pupil always comes first. 

Personalised Learning

Our teaching methods are based on a personalised creative approach, that helps children overcome barriers, and achieve their full potential.

Private or Small Groups

Everyone learns differently and we are equipped to meet the needs of all our families. Through our creative bespoke curriculum, we can provide professional advice on which approach is best suited to your child. 

Something for Everyone

We provide a whole array of subjects for all ages. No lesson is ever the same but you can be guaranteed that your child will leave feeling happy and extremely proud of their achievements.


See why we’re trusted by so many parents

Experience the enchantment of our motivational approach and discover why numerous parents have entrusted us with their child’s learning and development. Our unique blend of expertise and passion creates a magical learning environment that sparks curiosity and fuels progress. With a track record of success, we have earned the trust of parents seeking exceptional educational support. Join the community of satisfied families who have witnessed the transformative impact of our tailored programs. Choose us as your partner in unlocking your child’s full potential and nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

Emma is so energetic and motivating, I honestly couldn’t recommend a better private tutor 2764 Thank you Emma

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Nicola Woolston Rushton

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